We solve

SCHOOL = Student recruitment highlights, Teaching characteristics, Teacher's upgrade
STUDENT = Group selection ,Department selection ,Analyzing learning characteristics
BUSINESS = Job selection, Talent selection, Analyzing thinking characteristics

We provide

Logical thinking game - Self-diagnosis / Thinking enhancement
Logical Thinking Certification - General Certification / Lecturer Certification
Logical thinking courses - Logical Communication / Logical Problem-solving / Logical Briefing. Etc.

STUDENT = GAL gamified active learning - diagnose thinking mode, locate thinking heel, improve learning / test inertia
TEACHER = GAT gamified active teaching - catch student characteristics, elevate learning interest, thinking into curriculum
WORKPLACE = Expression, interpretation, inquiry, briefing, selling, problem solving

Playing video will improve learning progress?
Australia new study subverts the concept

logic reasoning

Logical Reasoning is one of the most trusted and commonly used items in cognitive ability (Gatewood & Field, 2001)

The impact of logic on learning

(Scholarly research) Cognitive ability testing usually includes language, mathematics, memory and reasoning (Gatewood & Field, 2001)

The impact of logic on work

(Scholarly research) Cognitive ability testing can predict many job performance (Gatewood & Field, 2001; Schmidt & Hunter, 1984) Job proficiency is no longer assurance to job performance (Arvey & Murphy, 1998)

Brain Fitness

"According to Wikipedia (Brain Fitness) definition: Through the exercise of the brain to enhance / maintain cognitive ability, similar to the physical exercise of body to improve Physical fitness. There is strong evidence that the brain structure in the life is in the plastic state, and high-intensity mental activity can indeed reduce the risk of age-related dementia."